Jeanie Ismay was honored to serve on the faculty for Maryland Defense Counsel’s 2018 Trial Academy in April. She lectured on and discussed voir dire and jury selection, providing recent insights from selecting nine different juries over the course of the past year and a half.

Andrew Gaudreau is the current Chair of the Programs & Membership Committee for Maryland Defense Counsel. His responsibilities include planning MDC’s annual Trial Academy, which most recently took place on April 30, 2018. The Trial Academy provides a unique opportunity for lawyers to gain insight and learn from highly experienced members of the Bar and to develop trial skills through hands-on small-group workshops.

This year was a great success, with nearly 30 participants and outstanding morning presentations on jury selection and voir dire (by Leder & Hale principal Jeanie Ismay), opening and closing statements and direct- and cross-examination. The morning session was followed by a judicial panel covering a range of topics including arguing motions in limine, case presentation, judgments notwithstanding the verdict and remittitur. The afternoon featured small-group workshops in which the participants practiced cross-examination of the plaintiff and closing argument, based on the 2012 NITA Tournament of Champions fictionalized problem pertaining to the death of Michael Jackson. These practice sessions were facilitated by attorney-coaches who provided personalized feedback to each participant.