Pennington v. Hildebrandt

October 2016 Andrew W. Gaudreau secured a defense verdict on behalf of the insured in a negligence action involving a car accident on Interstate 295. Following the presentation of the Defendant’s case, the Court found that the plaintiff failed to satisfy her burden of proof.  Pennington v. Hildebrandt, District Court for Baltimore County, Case No. 08-04-0005138-2016.continue reading →

Seeberger v. Superior Management, Inc.

November 2016 Michael W. Fox obtained a verdict in favor of the defendant restaurant operator in an action where the plaintiff alleged injuries caused by a slip and fall in a restaurant parking lot. Seeberger v. Superior Management, Inc., District Court for Prince George’s County, Case No. 05-02-0005138-2016.continue reading →

Burks v. Coons

January 2017 Jeanie S. Ismay successfully obtained a defense verdict for her client in a three-day trial before Judge Judith Ensor in the Baltimore County Circuit Court. The plaintiff, a pedestrian, was struck by the defendant, who was driving her vehicle at night on Route 40 in Catonsville. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant driver was negligent in failing to avoid striking and injuring the plaintiff, who was jaywalking. At trial, the plaintiff called a medical doctor who testified to the injuries allegedly sustained as a result of the accident. The defense argued…continue reading →

Leslie v. Gribbin

March 2017   Michael W. Fox obtained a verdict on behalf of a defendant driver in an action for medical damages from a motor vehicle collision. Leslie v. Gribbin, District Court for Anne Arundel County, Case No. D-07-CV-16-002201.continue reading →

Massachusetts Bay Ins. Co. v. Fort Benning Family Communities, LLC, et al.

May 2017 Julie F. Maloney obtained a judgment in favor of Massachusetts Bay Insurance Company in a coverage case arising from a lead paint poisoning lawsuit. The coverage action hinged on the choice of law: under Georgia law, there was no coverage because the claimed injuries fell under the policy’s pollution exclusion, but under Maryland law, the injuries were not barred by the pollution exclusion. The Court denied the insurer’s motion for summary judgment based on Georgia law because the Court did not believe that a Georgia court would apply the “presumption of…continue reading →