We represent clients in a wide variety of toxic exposure claims from the time of the release through the trial.

Our attorneys have had extraordinary success in defending clients in cases involving toxic exposure to a wide variety of chemicals, pesticides, drugs and other substances.

We defend cases of cancer, brain injury, lung injury, multiple chemical sensitivity, reactive airways disease, attention deficit disorder, and peripheral neuropathy. We have defended actions concerning:

  • toxic torts
  • lead paint
  • petroleum
  • chlorinated solvents
  • asbestos
  • carbon monoxide
  • arsenic
  • phosgene
  • mold
  • pesticides
  • DES

Leder & Hale’s attorneys have years of experience defending toxic tort cases. Where possible, we develop strategies for early and equitable resolution. We have experience leading teams of experts defending cases to achieve fair results. Leder & Hale’s attorneys have published and spoken at numerous seminars.

  • Hamilton v. Dackman, 213 Md App. 589, 75 A. 3d 327 (2013)
    Evidence insufficient to show that hazardous lead paint at defendant’s home was the source of the plaintiff’s lead exposure
  • Hamilton v. Kirson, 439 Md. 501, 96 A. 3d 714 (2014)
    Circumstantial evidence was legally insufficient to prove causation in lead paint case
  • Antonio Jeffers Jr. v. Stricker St Corp, et al. Balt. City Cir. Ct. 24C12003549 (2014)
  • Union Ins. Co. v. Riverpoint, LC, 2007 WL 656895 (E.D. Va. 2007)
    mold personal injury
  • Miller v. Mandrin Homes, Ltd, 2007 WL 654214 (D. Md. 2007), aff’d, 305 Fed Appx 976 (2009) solid and hazardous waste dump & mold personal injury case
  • Smith v. Dimitri, 358 MD 685 (2000)
    lead paint poisoning